Specification Sheet

Please fill out this form to create an estimate for your custom built Laird equipment. A Laird team member will contact you with your proposed item.

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Options for Laird Delivery Boxes

1. Overall Length:

2. Wall Height:

3. Number of Beaters: 123

4. Mount Pumps:FrontRear

5. 2x Feedlights: Yes

6. Magnets On Folding Spout: Yes

7. 1/2 Magnet On Folding Spout: Yes

8. Scale Installation: Yes

9. Size of CT Cell: 30K50K

10. Indicator Part Number:

11. Remote Display Part Number:

12. 2nd Remote Display Part Number:

13. Other Weighing System Options:

14. Extra Cross Member For 6 Loadcells: Yes

15. Upgrade to LED Light Package: Yes

16. ⅜" Plastic Liner On Floor: Yes

17. ⅜" Plastic Liner On Walls: Yes

18. ⅜" Plastic Liner On Discharge Return: Yes

19. Non-Standard Paint Color: Yes

20. Custom Decal Set (2): Yes

21. Install: Factory InstallDealer Mount

Additional Notes: