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Options for Compact Body VT Mixers

1. Mounting On Truck: Yes

2. Upgrade Floor Thickness from ⅝" to ¾": Yes

3. Stainless Steel Floor Upgrade From 3mm To 5mm: Yes

4. Stainless Steel Option (On the Sides 5FT High) : 2mm2.5mm3mm

5. Viewing Platform: Yes

6. Rear Door For Premix: Standard (50”W x 32.5”H)Extra-Large (60”W x 32.5”H)

7. Scale Installation: Yes

8. Extra Kicker (Per Auger): FrontRear

9. Heavy Duty Bumper: Yes

10. Rear Light And Feeding Light: Yes

11. Electric Shifting Option On Two-Speed Gear Box: Yes

12. Stop, Turn, Tail, And Back-Up Lights: Yes

13. Stop, Turn, Tail, And Back-Up Lights (LED Option): Yes

14. 8” Cut-Out Option (Per Side): Yes

15. Camera And Monitor: Yes

16. Extra Camera: Yes

17. Base Magnets On Slide Chute: Yes

18. Non-Standard Paint Color: Yes Custom Decals Yes

19. Door Indicator Gauge: One DoorAdditional Doors

20. Hydraulic Folding Spout (No Magnets): Yes

21. Hydraulic Folding Spout: With MagnetsWith Magnets + Rubber Belt

22. Discharge Extension Option: 6"12"18"

23. Front-Mounted Hydrostat Option: Yes

24. 6” of Stainless Steel Lining On Each Auger: 3mm5mm

25. Complete Stainless Steel Lining On Each Auger: 3mm5mm

26. Dogleg Discharge Conveyor: (79” + 30”)(90” + 30”)

27. Discharge Overhead Support Brackets: Yes

28. UHMW Plastic Rails On Discharge Yes

29. C2082H Roller Chain (Up-Charge): Yes

Scale System:
Indicator Remote

2nd Remote: Other

Blade Options: 2-PieceBusatisFeedlot Backing Plate

Credit For: No Discharge ConveyorNo Front DoorNo St Steel Liner On Floor

Additional Notes: