Laird Manufacturing is in the business of manufacturing, selling and distributing equipment for the cattle feeding industry. Laird’s proven design, hydrostatic system, direct drive system, ruggedness and durability has made them a leader in the vertical mixer and feed delivery markets.

Laird’s delivery boxes come in many sizes, from a small 1605 to a large 2807 for all your feeding needs. Laird’s delivery box works with a friction held, potentiometer joystick. This allows you to keep the joystick at optimum position for a consistent and even flow of feed. With the Trigger held and the joystick all the way back, the discharge conveyor will not move at all. With the joystick in the center it will work at 50%. Finally all the way forward will allow you to work at 100%.


Delivery Boxes


  • Repto
  • Fepto

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